Hex Cipher


The Hex Cipher

Medium humanoid
Armor Class: 19
Hit Points: 500
Speed: 40 ft teleport 30 ft

STR 13 (1) DEX 15 (2) CON 17 (3) INT 21(5) WIS 21 (5) CHA 30 (10)

Saving Throws: +6 to his higher stats and +0 to his lower stats corresponding to his Caesar Shift
Skills: +10 to any skill corresponding to his Caesar Shift
Damage Immunities: Psychic and Radiant
Condition Immunities: Charmed, Frightened and poisoned.
Languages: Any and all of them.


The Unsolvable Puzzle: The Hex Cipher will regain full hit points after a 24 hour period after reaching 0 hit points. He’ll continue to do this until he hears “The Question” which is as follows: What are you willing to do?
This ability can be turned off by PC’s only, if he hears “The Question” from a NPC he’ll become curious about them and they’ll become his new target for mayhem.

Decryption: The Hex Cipher will solve any and all puzzles, codes or hidden meanings that are left behind by clues, riddles or coded messages. This is a compulsion and he cannot stop himself. Any mortal puzzle is normally solved in less than 6 seconds if all the pieces are present.

Caesar Shift:
The Hex Cipher, as a bonus action, can shift his INT, WIS and CHA Stats into his STR, DEX and CON stats and vice versa. As a DM you may choose where the stats go; where the number 30 designates which Caesar Shift he is in. (example: STR 30 opens up his legendary resistance but shuts off his magical defense if moved out of INT, WIS or CHA)

Legendary Resistance 3/day: The Hex Cipher may choose to automatically save against any saving throws up to 3 times a day (Recharge only after a 24 hour period) but only if he is in his STR, DEX or CON Caesar Shift

Deft Movement: The Hex Cipher may make 4 extra attacks on his turn but only if he is in his STR, DEX or CON Caesar Shift

Hardy Build: The hex cipher takes half damage on all attacks strike him physically including force damage (expect psychic damage) but only if he is in his STR, DEX or CON Caesar Shift

Magical Defense: The Hex Cipher takes half damage on all magical damage but only while in his INT, WIS or CHA Caesar Shift.

Magical Resistance: The Hex Cipher has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects but only while in his INT, WIS or CHA Caesar Shift.

Immutable Form: The Hex Cipher physical form cannot be changed by any magical means, by his own or outside magic but only while in his INT, WIS or CHA Caesar Shift.


Innate Spell Casting: The Hex Cipher becomes a 12th level spell caster. His spell casting depends on his INT, WIS or CHA Caesar Shift. (Spell Save 18, +10 to hit spell attacks) He requires no material components to cast these spells. The Cipher has these spells locked in.

Cantrips (at will) Thaumaturgy, Vicious Mockery, Minor Illusion, Eldritch Blast
1st level (5 slots) Disguise Self, Hex, Inflict Wounds, Illusory Script, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
2nd level(4 slots) Zone of Truth, Charm Person, Detect Thoughts, Hold Person, Suggestion
3rd level (4 slots) Dispel magic, Counter Spell, Hypnotic Pattern, Slow
4th level (3 slots) Blight, Hallucinatory Terrain, Phantasmal Killer
5th level ( 3 slots) Geas, Dominate Person, modify memory, PassWall, Dream
6th level (2 slots) Mass Suggestion, Programmed Illusion

Multiattack: The Hex Cipher can make 6 attacks while in STR, DEX, or CON Caesar Shift. Otherwise he can make 2 attacks (any combination of staff, eye beam or Cipher Whell)

The Hex Cryptex (Quarter Staff): Melee weapon attack +5 to hit/ range 10 feet/ Hit: 15 Bludgeoning damage.

Stereogram: Ranged attack +10 to hit/ Range 30 feet/ Hit: 20 force damage

Cipher Wheel: Any Creature within 25-foot radius of Hex Cipher must make a Saving Throw 17, Corresponding to the Caesar Shift (where ever the 30 is placed). On a fail, creatures are pushed 25 feet away and take 10 Force Damage. On a Success, nothing happens.

The History of the Hex Cipher:

The Hex Cipher (will be only called Hex from now on) was the chief puzzle master of The Scribe.

Hex was a mortal at one time, a professor in a university from Waterdeep; he loved to offer riddles and puzzles to his students instead of tests. He was greatly admired by his peers for his revolutionary classes and those who attended his classes would normally; even the great lords of Waterdeep would send their children to his classes in order to prepare them for more than war.

Many years went by and the rise through academia never ceased but Hex was growing thin of his daily classes and routine, so he packed up and travelled the world; becoming an adventurer in his own right. Even with this new adventure starting in his later years of life, this never deterred him from finding new or old puzzles to challenge his mind and reasoning’s.

Even with many dungeons claimed and conquered as an adventurer and his party disbanding from their “Big Hit”, this was not enough for him. The next clue or what the next riddle was or puzzle in the distance always drove hex forward, so he missed fair amount of the obvious in front of him. Seeing that he missed his chance on love for the final time, in his old age, he went home to Waterdeep. This would lead him to his greatest achievement yet.

Once back in his home at Waterdeep, the elderly Hex received a strange blank note with nothing but an inkblot staining the center of the paper. Thinking nothing of it, he attempted to throw it away but only to have this note return on his desk or night stand later the next day.

Posed with this strange item, he attacked it with his normal vigor and thought process of a younger man. Through a fair amount of tests and failures, Hex found that this note was an invitation to a Test. If he pushed a small amount of magic into the note and began thinking of a riddle, the inkblot would move and point in a direction.

Off into the night he wandered, looking for the location to this invitation sender but all he found was a fountain at the poor end of town. Rounding the fountain, to make certain that this was the correct spot, he noticed the large oval fountain had a small maze carved into the basin. Curiously he followed the maze with his eyes to the end, which offered a clue upon completion, a hidden button deep within the water of the fountain. Without a second thought, as his compulsion goes, he pressed it with his boney finger and realized, that what he found was not the end of the maze. He found the beginning of it.

Unsure as to where he was, the Maze moved and curved against him. It was like it was alive; a puzzle fighting back, it was unwilling to be solved! True to his character, Hex spent his last days finding his way out of this living maze. Living on the strange vegetation on the walls and drinking from the strange fountains that were spatter around amongst the walls. On his last day, nearing 80, he found the exit and stood there proud which soured quickly; was that all? Was that all this strange gift could muster against him? No, if given enough time, surely he could build or construct something better! Something that would test the greatest of minds of the greatest adventurers.

He died, cross-legged facing away from the exit with his inkblot invitation in his hands.

Once passed death itself, The Story of Hex would not end. The Scribe had sent him that Inkblot to test his resolve and his “character” to see if he was worthy enough to help with The Grand Design.

Given the powers of Master Puzzler under The Scribe, able to influence Fate and Destiny themselves, The Hex Cipher was born. Created from the world’s finest mind of riddles and puzzles, he would now craft his “Children”, custom to the Story of the Scribe, and challenge those who would follow in The Hex Ciphers foot steps. He was delighted and finally felt challenged to put his mind to work and this was the perfect harmony of Challenge and Story that brought many legends forth throughout centuries.

Sadly, The Scribe would always choose his “Characters” over his Allies.

The Protagonists always defeated his “Children” and no matter how much he pleaded with The Scribe to make them more challenging for them, he was always met with the answer, ‘If it doesn’t fit with the story, nor the moral of it, it would defeat the purpose of it all for them to be stopped there’.

Enraged after giving The Scribe his soul to become this great puzzle maker but to only be boxed in by story and moral. Hex had enough and he was going to put an unsolvable puzzle into one of The Scribes stories therefore disrupting The Grand Design.

Upon learning this, The Hex Cipher was banished to mortal realm. Unable to die until he could answer a simple question, a question he would know upon hearing it but a question he could never think of on his own.

The Hex Cipher is now constantly asking, “Do you know the Question?”

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Hex Cipher

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