Louis' finale foreshadowing

The Hex Cipher will be wreaking havoc as an agent of chaos, doing his best to hunt for “The Answer”. The more and more they (the party) run into Cipher, he’ll slowly remember the Cosmic Lock he built for The Scribe.

He’ll mention about who he was, when he was employed by The Scribe as “The Plot”. Hex will let slip more and more information about The Scribe’s daughters, Fate and Destiny, or as Hex called them “The Editors” and an Angel like creature called “The End”.

If they let him monologue long enough, he’ll remember about The Scribes natural enemy, the natural enemy to all creative creatures, minds and forces in life; The Critic.

This harsh beast was quietly formed by accident. It’s an amalgamation of opinions and “what if”, its very existence threatens to undo the Grand Design and The Scribes work.

Louis' finale foreshadowing

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