Story Fronts

The Return Year is Year 3-4

The Plot Thickens
Religion has spiked all over the world, including The Necropolis. The God of Stories is being worshiped as their divine savor and guidance; a library church is being constructed in his honor. It is a month behind schedule due vandalism and graffiti, which reads, “Do you know the Question?”

Year 1-3: The Hex Cipher is hunted by The Hex Company since they are believed to be linked

—> Year 3-5: The Hex Cipher is hunted by new hero that has no name but Cipher is finally defeated and locked away by the end of year 5.

Year 6-7: One year of Peace is attained from The Cipher but in the last month of year 7, He breaks free and finally kills himself and blows up the library church in the process.

This is The Hex Cipher first appearance in the game. He was The Scribes personal puzzle and games master, a demi-god of sorts, but after making unsolvable puzzles for his stories and helping when he shouldn’t of, he was cast out and cursed to walk forever as a mortal. He unable to die until he solves question that he doesn’t even know; this has driven him utterly insane. This is my Joker like character.

The United stand together
Another religion pops up claiming to be able bestow great power onto the people just by being part of their collective. The five heads of this new collective preach, “ With belief in yourself and in those around you, even the Gods themselves cannot fathom our power”. These sweet words are soothing since the Day of the Black Sun since most people who where left had no magical power to defend themselves or had family over whelmed by the Devils.

They promise, the more that “The United” grows in numbers, the stronger each of the followers become. Some laugh at the idea but some flock to it, but from what their Halfling leader has shown them, it’s all true.

Year 1-3: The United grows in strength and numbers by helping the needy and sick.

—>Year 3-5: The United uses The Cipher’s mayhem to heave them selves into higher ranking with the people, equaling the Library Church in followers.

Year 6-7: Tension is boiling in the year of peace between The United and the Library Church but when The Cipher frees himself and dies blowing up the Library Church; The United is there to “cleanse” the rest in the night, taking the entire faith of The Necropolis for their own.

The United will draw heavy,HEAVY parallels to the Vassals of hell and Asmodeus but they are not. I repeat! They are not the same at all. They are not The Devil in disguise but that is what I have intended you to think. At some point in time Asmodeus will contacted and will make a point of saying ,“I’m making Hell Great again before I comes back to deal with you”.

The United will be allowed to absorb any new spells they learn by collecting new members. Each of followers of The United will know the same spells with no exception and each of followers will be have the same magical powers of their strongest spell caster. Year 1-3 they will be a level 7 spell caster, Year 3-5 they will be a level 11 spell caster and finally, Year 6-7 they will be a level 15 spell caster.

The Elder Beasts
Captain Lewis James has become the Harbormaster of Lavorishkes and has taken a Wife, Mentha Grimjow. Together, with the aid Hendrix TallStag, they are single handedly built a shipping/trading company with the other nations, since Captain James is the only one who knows the path through the Angry Mountains. With this knowledge he can shave off 2 months of travel on goods.

Mentha and Lewis found that their stories intertwine far too many times after they received their manuscripts from The Scribe. Sadly for both of them, the pages never shared how they’re story ended but just where they were heading; The script was short, far to short for either of them, leaving something to be desired.

Every time they passed by each other or when they were helping rebuild the city, the manuscript would change for the better. It would also change back if they were apart for too long. After the Harbor was finished and Gilmore Knox had no need of them anymore, they decided to travel Athea together to see if they could change their story. Happily, they couldn’t and they fell in love as they travelled the world.

They day they returned to The Necropolis, The Captain proposed to the Weapon smith by sharing his fathers plans on how Behemoths Shout (his rifle) was constructed; previously, the most precious thing he had in his life until now. After a half hour of waiting, while she read through the plans (like the weapons nerd she is), she said yes. They married at the end of the year on the newly christened “Black Clever”.

Year 1-3: Captain James and Mentha hear that their ships are being attacked before they reach the Angry Mountain but the crews don’t remember anything other than turning back. The Captain knows who this is but he can’t leave or take his wife with him, his hands are tied. At the end of year 2, they have a son named Antoine James after Lewis James’ father.

—>Year 3-5: With the Aid of Valoreign/Tromstrad support, the ships are too much for an assault and trade lines are safe but people are saying they are seeing a Ghost ship on the edge of the horizon. The Captain grows a bit distance from his family but after time, he finally reveals to Mentha who has been plaguing them, its Captain Ravage; the man who killed his father and whom he’s been hunting for years. They promise to do what is needed to protect what they have built as a company and as a family.

Year 6-7: The Year of peace goes by and nothing happens. Antoine is growing up to be a strong little man and likes taking his fathers hat. At the end of year 7, Ravage makes his move on the Harbor trying to find Captain James and his Family. One of his family dies but Ravage is put down for good.

This can be heavily influenced by the player’s actions if they back in time but if they don’t, I will roll to see who dies. This will push Captain James to the edge and he may not be able to come back from this. Possible people who could help are The Knox Family and Patrick Crannach. With this part, I really hope you guys get back in time to help with the Captain, as The Attack on The Necropolis Port will be bloody.

Story Fronts

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