Hex Cipher

[Mikael]: I know that something’s going on with this guy, there’s something about “Locks” being portals to other worlds and what not. What’s going on with that exactly? So far, in terms of foreshadowing, I’ve got the graffiti that says “What is the question?” and a vague description of what the Hex Cipher looks like.

I know there’s going to be some hand puzzles involved.

[Louis] The Hex Cipher is planned as our connecting thread. After being banished by The Scribe, for hindering or helping the “Characters” far too much. Hex is going to be tumbling through each of our respective worlds looking for the answer to his unsolvable riddle. The riddle is as follows, ”Do you know the Question?” The question is asking about is as a follows, “ What are you willing to do?” Once he hears this (from a PC only) he’ll become lucid and sane. Hex will go out of his way to make a grand gesture to say ‘fuck you scribe!” and that will bring us to the finale.

In each of our campaigns, you’ll be able to use him freely as a villain, stats will be provided, he’ll be causing general mayhem and destruction and so on. When he’s in everyone’s respective worlds, lets try to use him like “The Villain of the Week” just so we can keep the One-shot idea alive.

Each one of the worlds he visits, he’ll drop a hand puzzle after he leaves or “tumbles” into another world; this will most likely occur after a fight with him or with something that he controls or unleashed.

Once the Puzzle is solved it will provide the solver a power from Hex from his Caesar Shift. Each puzzle will need a DC 25 or a Natural 20 depending on PC’s levels.

Strength Puzzle grants: Legendary Resistance 3/day: The solver may choose to automatically save against any saving throws up to 3 times a day (Recharge only after a 24 hour period)

Dexterity Puzzle grants: Deft Movement: The solver may make 4 extra attacks on his turn.

Constitution Puzzle grants Hardy Build: The solver takes half damage on all attacks strike him physically including force damage (expect psychic damage)

Intelligence Puzzle grants Magical Defense: The solver takes half damage on all magical damage.

Wisdom Puzzle grants Magical Resistance: The solver has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Charisma Puzzle grants Immutable Form: The solver physical form cannot be changed by any magical means, by his own or outside magic

Once all the puzzles are found and solved (or if they solve them to quickly, we’ll keep them in their respective worlds and get the solvers have wild dreams of Hex planning something) they’ll bring each of the parties to a Cosmic Lock called “Plot Hole” or Hex World (working on a name).

The Scribe and Hex, to keep all the Bad Story elements out of the way of his Grand Design, built this place. Any contracts, bindings or all of his boons are all tied to this cosmic lock. Doing this will release all sorts of horrible things into the known planes, including freeing Asmodeus from his Hell bound prison.

Pretty good for a frame work so far, right?


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